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--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on May 09, 2022, 02:42:47 pm ---Ho hum.  Even if I entered and won some test gear, how could I get it calibrated, or have access to spare parts?  I'm not a company, so they'd simply refuse to deal with me
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Any cal company will calibrate your gear, it doesn't have to be the manufacturer.
Do other scope companies sell spare parts?

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Okay, even warranty services then.  Or do they make an exception to their policies for those who win these contests?  :horse:

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I'm pretty sure every company has a statuory requirement to repair or replace under warranty. In countries like Australia there are very strict consumer protection laws on this.

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Actually in Germany, and likely many parts of the EU in general, a manufacturer warranty (german term: "Herstellergarantie" often shorted to just "Garantie") is really totally optional.

What is mandatory for business to customer sales is the german term "Gewaehrleistung", which is like warranty, but not :D
For two years after the sale, the seller, not the manufacturer is responsible that the device has no defects. In the first year, the seller would have to prove that the defect is not an inherent defect (only such inherent defects are covered), after that the customer has to prove that.

But this is only mandatory in business to costumer sales. Business to Business sales can make different contracts, and do not need to include any kind of customer protection. That is one, if not even the biggest, reasons why many professional stores do not sell to individuals anymore.

For prize drawings like this, no "Gewaehrleistung" needs to be given. So no: I would not count on any kind of service from Keysight. Especially with everything i hear here in the forums how they are treating private customers.

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You really think they don't have to give warranty?? That is naive.. Keysight is legendary for their warranty service, so is Fluke...
They give warranty alright...

It is not warranty that is problematic, but consumer rule that you can buy it open it open it and use and then give it back within certain period of time without explanation.. That resulted in people "buying" very expensive scope to troubleshoot a problem for a week or two and getting it back and reclaiming money.. Which leaves manufacturer with product that is now open box and that cannot be sold as new anymore...

Well, Keysight famously did not honor warranties for non-company buyers right here in the forum.
There are various reports of that.

What you mention is the "Fernabsatzgesetz", the ability to unconditionally return goods that were bought online for 14 days.
But like "Gewaehrleistung", this a thing between the seller and the buyer, the manufacturer is not involved with this at all.

And once 14 days are over, refunding is not possible anymore, except of course if the merchant has a longer refund period. So that would not be a reason *at all* to not honor any warranties of non-company customers.


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