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Keysight Scope Giveaway - Aussie Only

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I would love the chance at winning this scope! Count me in!

Yeah, why not?

first time poster, extremely long time lurker.

after years of tinkering and trying to understand/fix things as a broke musician, just this year have started formally studying electronic engineering in my late 30's. 8 years, part-time, (long slog!) in the hope of balancing the financial strain of study and juggling a neurological condition.

the decision to study just happened to (unexpectedly) coincide with my partner and i having our first baby due in july. a high quality scope would mean the absolute world to me. my partner and i don't exactly "do well" so the ability to do more from home, and be a present parent would just be the greatest gift.

mid-term the aim is to start producing some smaller music focused devices as a source of income through-out my studies, and this would be a huge step forward in achieving that goal!

thanks for doing this, and more importantly thanks for all the video content you produce. i have try learnt so much, and continue to pull from the incredible pool of resources you've created. hadn't come across the forums before, but looking forward to the treasure trove of knowledge within.

appreciate being considered for this, truly.

And the winner is Scott_H


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