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Keysight Scope Giveaway - Aussie Only

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Win a slightly used Keysight scope, as per the video:

Post ONCE and ONCE ONLY in this forum thread to enter.
Seriously, ONCE ONLY, or I'll delete your entry.
Entries close soon-ish.

This is for AUSSIE residents ONLY. DO NOT ENETER if you are outside of Australia.

One person will be picked randomly using the Wobulator program, and that will be done on a live video.

Do NOT post or comment in this thread if you are not entering!

First post lets go! Would be a bloody handy bit of kit cheers for the vids mate!

I'd love to win this! Thanks Dave and I'm not in Austria.

..guess ill post here!.. im probably  :horse: tho! (not enough forum posts to enter the other one!)

i need to upgrade from my crappy hantek 6022be USB scope.. its annoying to use having to set it up on a PC/laptop... the keysight scope would be the perfect upgrade! :)

G'day Dave, would love one of these! Cheers from Vic


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