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Keysight Scope Giveaway

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Win a slightly used Keysight scope, for Patrons/Supporters only as per the video:

Post ONCE and ONCE ONLY in this forum thread to enter OR post in the thead on Patreon, but NOT both!
Seriously, ONCE ONLY, or I'll delete your entry.
Entries close soon-ish.

One person will be picked randomly using the Wobulator program, and that will be done on a live video.

Do NOT post or comment in this thread if you are not entering!

I'm not one for going first - but there's always a first time.   ;D

I second.  ^-^

Black Phoenix:
Are we allowed to double entry in different giveaways?

I can't see any rule against entering both the supporters and general giveaways, so I do.
I think it's nice for Dave to provide more chances to supporters.


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