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Keysight Scope Giveaway - Any Country

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Win a slightly used Keysight scope, as per this video:

Post ONCE and ONCE ONLY in this forum thread to enter.
Seriously, ONCE ONLY, or I'll delete your entry.
Entries close soon-ish.

You must have a decent number of posts on the forum over some time in order to enter. Let's say 20ish posts, Dave's decision is final.

One person will be picked randomly using the Wobulator program, and that will be done on a live video.

In theory there shouldn't be any limitation on which country can enter, but I would not rule out issues there.
You may be responsible for import taxes and charges based on you country and any stupid local import laws you might have. If you don't like this, don't enter.

Do NOT post or comment in this thread if you are not entering!

Am I the first to have seen this? I want it, Dave!

Winning is unsure, but what sure is is that all winners played. So let’s go!

Black Phoenix:
Why would want a scope? Well last time I used a scope was when I owned a 199C that I sold before moving to Shenzhen/Hong Kong.

Before that it was in my Industrial Electronics course back in 2004/2005, the old analog type with CRT from Tektronix. So getting a scope could be a good timing since I would want to improve my knowledge and experience since I would want my kid to at least have some contact with electronics and the likes. He is only 3 but super curious about everything I do with my equipment and tools, as all kids are.

I pretend to start introducing him to electronics when he is 5, with small easy circuits and Arduino and the likes. To see if he have "The Knack".

I know that is random generation, so the text doesn't mean anything and will not change any chance. But still wanted to explain since I don't normally enter competitions of any kind.

Nice o'scope!


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