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Youtube Link for video entry:

Hi my name is Jaden and I'm a 20 year old electrical engineering undergraduate student up in Alberta, Canada. I have been working on a signal generator project for the past couple months using the DE10-Lite FPGA board and DDS with an R2R ladder for the DAC. Currently I am working on external communication module for the FPGA to communicate with an Arduino through UART to do more of the arithmetic side of things. Winning the oscilloscope would be a huge help in the creation of this and future projects.

Wanted to say love the videos and the in-depth nature of your explanations, would definitely be a few letter grade lower than I am right now if it weren't for your videos!

As an electrical engineering student, understanding the behavior of electronic signals is essential to my studies.
While I have access to oscilloscopes in my university lab, it would be beneficial to have a personal scope at home. This would allow me to practice and experiment with electronic circuits outside of the classroom setting, improving my understanding and mastery of the subject. Having my own oscilloscope would also provide greater flexibility and convenience, enabling me to work on projects at any time of day or night.

Hello Dave!
First of all, thank you for this opportunity and your amazing educational videos! I learned a lot from you.
My name is Mark and I study Electronics at Czech Technical University in Prague. I'm currently in last semester of bachelor study.

One day I would like to teach electronics at my university, my friends always told me I have a gift for teaching and I very much enjoy it.
When I'm explaining something to others I always make sure to support my claims with some amazing experiments. I was lucky enough to give a few lectures at my university to public (while being just 22years old!).

My biggest hobby is doing power electronics, I enjoy creating Tesla Coils as they are the ultimate device to attract people to science.

I've been showing my Tesla Coils on many occasions, in school events and all sorts of Maker-Faire style events.
I love the feeling one gets from creating interest in science in others.

Recently I've been thinking how to even reach a broader audience so I've been even doing concerts including my musical Tesla Coils. I'm also considering creating an educational YT channel.

In case you'd like to see more I have a very amateur website where I try to share some of my endeavors:

Recently though I started focusing on my bachelor's thesis which is titled "Intelligent driver for IGBT/FET transistors". I've come up with this topic since the first time I've blown my first transistor. The goal of my bachelor's thesis is to create such a transistor driver that would protect the switched transistor against desaturation, overtemperature and overvoltage; making the transistor virtually indestructible. I know there are already some of those drivers around, but they are usually extremely expensive or out of stock.

This is also where such Keysight scope would help me extremely much! My cheap scope does not have any bandwidth limit and it's very hard to scope power electronics because of all the switching transients which I am unable to filter out.
I also bought cheap 20MHz function generator which broke down after 2 months :( Currently I'm unable to obtain another function gen. so a scope with implemented function generator would make my life so much easier and it would yield in better results of my bachelor's thesis for sure!

If you pick me as the winner of the Keysight scope, I promise I will make sure to put it to good use and you will not regret it! If you're not going to pick me, I still want to thank you for this opportunity and for your YT videos. Your video on basics of op-amps saved me and many of my friends from a difficult exam :D
So, Thank you so much Dave! And I'm off to the lab again to build some more educational electronics:)
- Mark


Hello to all,

My name is Pedro. I have been experimenting with electronics since becoming a ham radio operator in 1997. Today I have enrolled as a student in an Associate’s Degree in Electronics at one of the local universities. I am truly excited because finally I will have the formal training needed to be a 100% successful and "complete" Electronics Technician.

I would love to be the proud owner of one of these equipment so I can enhance my studies and perhaps help my fellow students learn more with this instruments. Thank you for the opportunity.

Best regards,

Pedro Castillo

Hi Dave,

I have recorded a 1:15 minute video for you:

If you prefer reading, this is the transcript:

--- Quote ---Hi Dave, this is Thomas from Germany. Germany near Austria, not Australia.
We have a hackerspace or makerspace and we educate children in electronics.
We planned this in 2017 and since then we have now seven workplaces for the children, each with an oscilloscope in analog style, a laptop, a power supply and a soldering station.
We start with younger kids with thumbtack technique soldering and then move on to THT soldering. After that we do some breadboard stuff using logic circuits. And when they understood digital signals, then we move on to Arduino programming.
A digital oscilloscope would be quite handy in our lab, compared to those analog devices we have right now.
Thank you for this giveaway and thank you for your great videos.

--- End quote ---

Good luck to everyone,

Thomas Weller


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