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Hi Dave,

My name is Tiziano, I'm 21 and I’m currently studying Electrical engineering in Italy. In my spare time I work on my projects in my laboratory/bedroom.

In the past I used to snob electronics (I liked analogue instruments and contactors logics) but after watching your videos I caught the highly infective volt-nut and I understood the potential of electronics. I started with easy projects like a speedometer and a thermal chamber (needed to cook PPMs) and now I’m working on a high speed wattmeter that I use to monitor (and record on microSD) power spikes during my mad experiments (see photos).

At the moment I’m using an old Philips scope but it has been through the smelly Rifa madness and it’s slowly dying. Such calibre oscilloscope would be extremely helpful for electrical and electronics projects.

Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone,

(p.s. Before reading this thread I signed up for the worldwide giveaway, is that ok?)

Hey Dave,

I am Ansh Chawla , a final year college student of Punjab engineering college and the head of Robotics Society.

So some students of the society were recently working on an autonomous drone . During that they were dealing with SBUS protocol, and the protocol was not open-source and only very little documentation was found for it offline, the students also went to college labs for decoding the protocol but were denied.

One of our students is also working on h-bridge inverter using MOSFETs but he isn't able to get the circuit working. So we are in dying need of an oscilloscope , it would be of great help if we win the oscilloscope.

My real name is Oyele Boatung, and I am the nephew of the late Great 'mBebe Adimunga, most honorable and respected Prince of Accra, Nigeria. As the last and only living member of my honorable family, I stand to inherit my uncle's great fortune, in the form of forty-one million dollars (at the actual change) in gold ingots. Most unfortunately, in order to release the full amount of my inheritance, the evil lord Ktulu of Biranga (near Accra) has required a payment of about 50 thousand American dollars in taxes. The procedure to release the funds is very convolute, but fortunately I have already secured the help of a very skilled attorney at law, Mr. Johnson Mariemba, esquire. Thanks to the donation of ten thousand dollars from a most kind retired lady from Alabama, U.S.A., was able to negotiate the release of the inheritance for the much lower sum of 48 thousand dollars. Which, by the way, were wired to me via Western Union by a group of disabled veterans of South Carolina, U.S.A. But here comes the real predicament: for reasons unfathomable to me and to Mr. Johnson Mariemba, the attorney at law of the Inheritance Office of Biranga disposed that the receipt - which is required to release the gold bullion - be put in a waterproof container secured on the back of a dolphin which was released at sea.
And here comes the reason I need that oscilloscope: the waterproof container is rigged with a radio transmitter that changes frequency every 41 seconds. I need the oscilloscope to analyze the transmission received from aboard my yacht (a generous donation from the Hospital for Orphans of Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A) and direct the explosive laser-guided harpoons to their fish-eating target.
As you can see, I have a very compelling reason to put the hands on that oscilloscope, but even more important is what I will do with the forty-one million dollars in gold I will recover thanks to it.

One word: solar paved waterways!

EDIT: Dang, the Scots have beaten us to it!

(Here where I am it's still the day after March 31st. To avoid any misunderstanding, I am not entering this competition, of course.)

Hi Dave,

thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveway.

My name is Simon and I'm 23 years old student of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague. I would like to introduce you to the project I'm currently working on as an example of what I would use the oscilloscope for.

The name of my project is In-door Positioning Using Visible Light Communication and the goal is to test alternative positioning method for GPS, which does not work well inside buildings.  I have three LED lights with voltage-controlled current source circuits driven by microcontrollers and each of them is transmitting sine wave signal at different frequency.

Robot car, which is shown in the following pictures, has transimpedance amplifier circuit to convert current from photodiode to voltage. The TIA output voltage is sampled by ESP32 ADC and samples are sent over Wi-Fi to my computer. The samples are then processed and position is determined by trained K-nearest neighbors classification model.

And a video which demonstrates the whole system:

Having oscilloscope like the one you showed in the video would be great. It could really help to test and troubleshoot circuits like those shown in pictures. It would also help me build my own function generator, which I'm planning in the future.


Hello Dave, My name is Julian Estrada, I am the lab manager at Envigado’s University Institution in Colombia. We currently have a lab equipped with very old analog gear, and some Tek digital oscilloscopes from the 90’s with basic functionality.

Some of Our classes would be significantly streamlined if We had access to gear capable of frequency response analysis and of protocol decoding, as well as a good FFT since We currently only have access to one spectrum analyzer for all of Our students.

Having access to a great instrument as the Keysight would also help Us motivate our students by showing Them that electronics is not all clunky analog stuff, and that it doesn’t have to be a pain to complete a laboratory report.

Thank You for Your attention. Here’s a video showing three of Our students talking about the equipment We work with at the moment.

Here is a transcript of the video in English as well:

Hello! My name is Luciana Serna, mine is Camilo Castro, and mine is Valeria Sanchez Arango

We are Electronics Engineering students at Institucion Universitaria de Envigado (Envigado’s University Institution)

Now We’re going to show You the equipment We use

First of all, this is an oscilloscope, which, as you can see, it’s leaning toward the older side, but We try to make do with it. As You can see, I’m setting up the scope, I just attached the probe to the cal port, and I’m adjusting the vertical scale and the horizontal scale, now You can see it’s been set up.

-Professor: What kind of scope is it?

-Luciana: It’s an analog

-Professor: Is it a modern one?

-Luciana: No teacher, this is super old, We could use better equipment

-Professor: That’s fair, now, Camilo, what are You going to show Us?

-Camilo: Well, I’m going to show You the generator, and how the signal looks on the scope, as My classmate said, an analog one, which She supposedly set it up manually, as this doesn’t have auto-set like the modern ones, this also really old, anyway, here We can see the signal being represented on the scope. As You can see, a sinusoidal signal in the kilohertz range.

-Luciana: And, this oscilloscope, being an antique model, doesn’t have readouts, so We need to count squares, which slows down Our work, and counting squares not being very precise, it’s not really effective, and could take Us a long time to set up.

-Valeria: As You can see, We have all these modules, but they are all equipped with the same gear, same kind of oscilloscope.

To conclude, We want to thank You for Your attention, We hope You can see with this video, We could really use better gear, which would allow Us to do better work and receive a better education.

Thank You Dave.


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