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Keysight Scope Giveaway - Student/School/MakerSpace

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Win ONE OF TWO slightly used Keysight scopes, as per this video:

This is NOT a random draw, do NOT post in this thread unless you are entering. But other users can "Thanks" the post to effectively vote for an entry.
The "Thanks" vote may have some sway in this but this is effectively Dave's Pick. No correspondence will be entered into.

This giveaway is open to individual students and school and makerspace group, simply make your case for why you want one of these bits of kit and what you'd do with it.
It could just be a few paragraphs, photos, video entry, whatever you think will gets Dave's attention.

Post ONCE and ONCE ONLY in this forum thread to enter.
Seriously, ONCE ONLY, or I'll delete your entry.

Entries close soon-ish.

In theory there shouldn't be any limitation on which country can enter, but I would not rule out issues there.
You may be responsible for import taxes and charges based on you country and any stupid local import laws you might have. If you don't like this possibility, please don't enter.

Been looking for a decent scope for years, since it is hard to afford one as a student that likes electronics. Thanks for the opportunity Dave!

Not sure if I can enter the Aussie giveaway as well as this one but I'll give it a shot.

I'm currently studying electronic engineering while making and selling my own electronics in my spare time. I just got my first pick and place recently and am having a blast with it. I currently have a Siglent SDS 1102CML which was a dumpster repair special, still going strong a few years later.

Good luck to everyone else, last year's student / makerspace giveaway definitely went to someone who more than deserved it and I hope it's the same this year.

Ben Myhill-Jones:

My name is Ben and I am a 14 year old student.

Personally I do not need this scope, I was given a nice Siglent one for Christmas this year, and I recently purchased a CRT scope to play with, I have setup a pretty cool lab in my room, but the public high school I go to does not have such equipment. I founded the engineering club with a friend; the engineering program/club is becoming more popular at my school, same with the robotics course, and the resources they have to troubleshoot are very limited.

The tech side of our school is getting more and more popular, but with such a limited budget most of the funding goes towards projects and tools are often the basics and never would they think of buying a piece of gear that costs hundreds of dollars, especially if some of the major users would be in engineering or robotics club.

I want to get this scope on behalf of the Oak Bay High School future Robotics and Engineering clubs, electronics is one of those topics where unless you have done research into it is just magic, and I believe that with a scope and the ability to visualize electricity that comes with it, there will be more students who gain an interest in the topic and for those who already are it will just boost their ability to get started and learn more.

Thank you so much for doing this kind of thing,

Hello Dave,

I`m a electronic engineering student from Germany. Until now, I have to ask a professor everytime I want to use an Oszilloscope or a network analyzer. But after studying i want to continue.
My main interest is in mid-, to high-frequenzy cirquits like RF, radar, RFID and antennas. The elegance in cirquits realized mostly with conductor tracks is faszinating.
For now, i only realized little filter cirquits which i optimized in software, and then tried to build with real components. I´m improving in my simulation skills. The real circuits get closer and closer to the simulated ones.
My "home lab" for now is only a little soldering station. But soon I`m on search for a used lab power supply.
I hope I can get one Oscilloscope from here or something used for a good price in near future.

You are making fantastic videos, and I think most of your audience will have a good use for an Oscilloscope.
So either way, for the giveaway and your videos, thank you very much for your effort.


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