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LCSC - Hack it! RISC-V Design Challenge - deadline April 30


Looks like this has been around for a while:

--- Quote ---With RISC-V becoming more and more popular, in order to let developers further understand the application and hands-on development of RISC-V MCU, WCH, RT-Thread, LCSC, and EasyEDA jointly hold this international and national RISC-V design challenge.

Your goal is to develop a project using open-source RT-Thread IoT OS on the WCH RISC-V MCU CH32V307. (300pcs hardware + 200pcs Chips to give away, all participants whose projects are selected will receive free hardware or chips.)

1st prize 1 Participant 1,000USD+Certificate
2nd prize 2 Participants 500USD+Certificate
3rd prize 3 Participants 200USD+Certificate
4th Prize 5 Participants 100USD+Certificate
--- End quote ---

The chip is.. unique. Gigabit ethernet paired with 64kB of ram:

Dev board:

Gigabit Ethernet peripheral is pretty common to see, since it is just easier to have one IP. It also integrates 10M PHY, which matches its realistic performance.

The chip is alright, but they have been out of stock for a very long time. It looks like they are sitting on a pile of those boards that are not moving because the chips are not available anyway, so they decided to help it a bit.


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