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Hi everyone, just wondering if many people attend local events in the UK? I am near Brighton so anything in this area would be good. A while ago I read a load of people in I think Germany, were meeting up for metrology. Anything like that here? Even for buying/selling test gear and components etc. Any info would be great. Thank you!

Hi Tom,

i'm around Brighton - so let me know if you hear anything. I'm sadly rather EE inactive at the moment due to lack of workspace.

Chat GPT:
Yes, there are many local events and meetups for electronics enthusiasts in the UK, including in the Brighton area. Here are a few resources to help you find events and groups: - This website has many groups related to electronics and technology in the UK, including groups focused on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more. - This is an online community of hardware hackers, and they have a section on their website dedicated to events and meetups.

UK Amateur Radio Clubs - Amateur radio clubs often have events and meetings that are open to the public, and they can be a great resource for electronics enthusiasts.

University Electronics Societies - Many universities have electronics societies or clubs, which can be a great way to meet like-minded people and attend events.

Maker Faires - Maker Faires are events that celebrate creativity, invention, and DIY culture, and they often have a strong electronics and technology focus. While there hasn't been a Maker Faire in the UK since 2018, they may return in the future.

I hope this helps you find some local events and groups to attend!

There are hackspaces all over the country, most suffering from a shortage of attendees due to Covid but now trying to recover.

See list here :

I'm in St Albans, also interested if something comes up. I could even bring some gear to trade / give / sell.


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