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Well, rather than flood the contest thread with questions and contest-related discussion I thought I'd create a separate thread.

My main outstanding remarks:

1. Not asking you to lie on any customs/tax forms, but it would be nice to know what the actual declared value will be before-hand.

2. Is what you're planning to give away this CNX v3000 AC Voltage Kit? It looks like it contains what you described, just wanted to check.

Let's hope Dave declares the US price. Trust me you would not like the price gouging here in Aus. for Fluke gear.
BTW anyone know if amazon or the like will sell Fluke stuff overseas ?


Yes and no, depending on the stuff and where it is going.

Ideally, of course, it would be declared as a prize. Commercial isn't really correct since the recipient won't be paying for it but I'm not sure that gift is closer.

I don't know about your country but here, the status "gift" means nothing.

Regardless of whether it's declared as a "gift", the requisite taxes and fees will be applied based on the declared value.

Perhaps other countries are different but I don't think they even use this part of the declaration for statistical purposes -- maybe it's just to make the recipient feel good ;-)


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