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Hi Dave!

This is my first post on the forum, but I've been a long time viewer of your YouTube channel! Many of your videos have been a great help to me and my team members during the design of our avionics system.

Speaking of avionics - I'm the upcoming lead (for 2021 - 2022 school year) of the Avionics team of the Buckeye Space Launch Initiative (! We are a student led group from the Ohio State University, of mostly undergraduates working on multiple rocket related projects. This past year we launched a 30k ft. altitude sounding rocket with a completely custom designed avionics bay. Here's a video talking about our design for the 2020-2021 rocket:

Unfortunately since we are a student led group, we need to acquire most of our funding through fundraisers and sponsorships, and as you can probably imagine building sounding rockets, liquid fueled rockets and other experimental propulsion systems leaves very little funding left for electronic test equipment. The only test equipment we currently have is an Analog Discovery 2, a Harbor Freight multimeter :-- and an unregulated DC power supply (no CC mode  :palm:). As you can imagine this makes it really hard to bring up boards for the first time in a safe way - current limiting resistors can only do so much.

We've been able to accomplish so much with the small amount of equipment we have, and having a proper bench power supply like this would allow us to achieve so much more! I am planning to use a chunk of this years avionics budget to buy a proper multimeter (a BM235 perhaps  ;) ) and an actual bench power supply would be an amazing addition to our test setup. The lower voltage - higher current model would be best suited for our applications!

We have tons of ideas for this years avionics and telemetry system - I'll be sure to start posting some updates here on the forum!

Kind regards, and good luck to everyone  ;)
Joe Heiser

I'm 14 and my psu is a very crappy china powered supply (i cant set the milliamp range :(   ).

It would be real cool to have such a nice power supply.

Here are some hot pics of my bench to solicit a donation : )

Hi Dave!

I'm writing on behalf of Pionir free school. We're a free school for kids 13-17 yrs of age, in Kikinda, Serbia. One of the topics we try to cover is electronics and electronic design, and given we are free for students, self-funded and work as a cooperative, it's very hard to get new equipment. Many of the students don't have their own computers, let alone a PSU to work with. Together, we've adapted a 207 year old house into a school building during the pandemic lockdowns and this is the space we use now.

Attached is a photo of a room where we do soldering, component harvesting and upcycling (some components are hard to find here), and a PCB for a 4116/4164 DRAM tester a student of ours designed to repair ZX Spectrums RAM we were donated.

More info on the school


I am Steffen and a member of a German hackerspace in Braunschweig, we would of course love to receive such a nice supply for all the different projects our members are involved with. 
More info on 

Greetings and good luck everyone.

Hey Dave!

First of all, love your videos, they are what got me into electronics and I watch on a daily basis.

This is my first post on the forum, there will be many more to come :)

My name is Bowen Everitt, I am a 14 year old student in Los Angeles. In my spare time I have been working on avionics for myself and a small team of excited young engineers.

I also do electronics design and development for my schools robotics team. We recently had major issues with power supply quality and fried an MCU and a motor driver.
Unfortunately our robotics club gets zero funding from the school, so one of our mentors (who volunteers) had to pay out of his own pocket to get us new components.
This is my effort to help out our team and our mentors.

I have also started work on a multi-stack open-source avionics design that will require a much more precise voltage and constant current supply than my current cheap ebay unit.
Some boards that I have designed are linked below.


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