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Siglent SDS1052DL+ Giveaway! Australia Only. No forms or application required.

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Sim IPD:
HI Fellow Forum Members,

We are giving away an unopened and unused Siglent SDS1052DL+ for 1 lucky winner. Rules are simple Make me laugh and win ;D. No really its that's simple.

Some points to consider:

- Deadline is 5pm Wednesday 5th of May. Any entry after this time will be excluded.

- Freight is covered by us. I managed to convince the higher ups, your welcome :)

- Winner will be announced on Friday 7th of May on this Thread

- Only 1 entry per person. You can comment more than once but your first entry is the one I will be deciding on.

- Its an unused unit but don't expect it to come with a calibration certificate or any warranty. It is a free unit afterall :)

- Electronics jokes will probably not do you any favors as my background is Biology, yes that's right Biology don't ask why.

- This is for our AU residents only.

- That's it, Good Luck and the best joke wins the prize.

- One last thing Tautech and Dave are excluded, as you both have enough Siglent gear of your own  :-DD

Its been a tough year and we thought it would be a nice gesture to do a small giveaway and also have some fun along the way. There might be more to come in the future shhhh.

Muttley Snickers:
The Funny Jokes For Silly Scopes Competition.

Funny?, I’ll give you funny alright.   :rant:
Trying to charge like a million bucks for a Siglent product on the Trio website was just hilarious.   :palm:

Anyway, I wouldn’t even part with one of my knock-knock jokes for a scope with only 32Kpts, even my rusty old TDS-1002 with 2.5K memory is still worth a couple of one liners and perhaps a whimsical pun. If it’s a laugh you want, make it an SDS-1072CML+ with 2Mpts and I might consider doing an entire stand up routine.   :-BROKE

 :) :P

Ah ... somebody actually posted.  I was going to offer the following just before the deadline - but since that has been moved, I'll just throw it in now.....

Knock, knock.

                                                            Who's there?


Entering for Muttley in Oz as it's well past time he replaced his old Tek.  :horse:

Black Phoenix:
An Oscilloscope, the kind of endangered species in my ecosystem since I learned basic electronics and circuit reading back in 2005. Didn't practice that much, and when I needed to use one in 2008 I was like a donkey looking at a palace (that's a literally translation from a Joke in Portuguese).

I would participate but I'm not in Australia, Hong Kong would be the closest I would be able to go. Well good luck to all the contenders.


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