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--- Quote from: alm on May 07, 2011, 04:15:57 pm ---
--- Quote from: FreeThinker on May 07, 2011, 03:04:11 pm ---I agree 100% with you. I think I've already said as much on this forum somewhere, a truly awesome piece of hacking by a true enthusiast who would of gotten the very best out of the kit. Hope he is acknowledged in round 2.

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It did occur to me while watching that a DSO may have been fairly useless for this application. They often lack a Z input and have a fairly low update rate. At least the TDS2k,  not sure about MSO.

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I was thinking more of it being a great asset to him in his development work rather than as a display device. I feel certain that he will develop a much better display system in time (higher resolution, contrast, image capture etc) to display his scans but at the moment is concentrating on getting the scanning part perfected. Good luck to him anyhow.


--- Quote from: vk6zgo on May 08, 2011, 01:59:47 pm ---The thing is with the SEM bloke,even if it's used with something very high tech,he is just using the the Oscilloscope as a picture monitor.

I remember doing this with a 545B when I was on evening shift at a manned TV transmitter site when things got boring,
----It's not rocket science!

Most of the other videos were just showing normal functions of the Oscilloscope which people could read in the Operator's Handbook.

Dave focussed on something a bit different from the run of the mill stuff.

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That's the thing with contests like this. A scope can be used to test or monitor just about any project anyone has worked on, making the scope aspect almost irrelevant, and the big advanced projects that have likely been developed over many years always look the coolest. That's why I decided to not to use a project at all, but went with just the scope itself (and something people may not have known about).

Take the Renesas design contest for example, not surprisingly the most advanced and refined project won:
That project has been developed and refined over many years, and has even been entered into other contests. So the other contestants who developed a project from scratch just for the project really had a hard time beating it in the short time frame!

Similar thing for the 555 timer contest?


Dave, I you hadn't made "EEVblog #14 – An unusual Oscilloscope phenomenon!" would you have selected that for the contest?

Looks like Dave is a runner up and gets to take home a TDS2024C.  I'm looking forward to the inevitable teardown when the scope arrives at its new home!


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