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The Up Your Bench - Winter 2012 Contest

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Decided this is something interesting for me to do this winter.
Two main prize categories, best or most interesting or unique soldering set-up and a lets see your workbench category.
Will run from mid December till the end of February. I'll announce the winners in March and post the winning photos and comments.

If this one goes well, I'll plan on running a couple each year relating to soldering, test equipment, and electronics workbenches.
I'll announce on the site and here when final entry details and entry forms are available.  Still a couple of weeks and room for a few more prizes.
Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

What makes up a winning work bench?  Hand built?  A lot of high end gear?  Biggest bench?  Smallest bench?  Most functionality in the least amount of space?  I gots to know!

Could be any of those things.  It's a pretty general category.  Might even be a unique innovation, or even the most unique location (the hood of your wife's car when it's parked in the garage???), or even the best use of space or how you solved a space problem.  Heck, my first workbench when I was a kid was built into in my bedroom closet.  It's a broad category this time around so as many as possible can enter.  Just don't send in any photos you don't want to appear on-line :o.

george graves:
Subscribed!  Everyone loves work bench pics!

A couple of people have asked me about the contest name and what it means. 

I was looking for something unique to name the contest. "Your Bench" of course refers to your workbench.  This and future contests will be centered around the workbench which includes soldering, tools, test equipment, bench construction and innovative ideas like home built test equipment, hardware, tools and creative uses of space.  It's the "Up" that confuses everyone.  "Up" has several connotations.  It could mean Upgrade, Upload photos, or even clean it Up before you take pictures.  The list is endless.  It could also mean I was just looking for a unique phrase that would be easy to remember.  Or it gives it street cred, Hey man, your bench is lookin' pretty bad, you better "Up Your Bench" .  :-DD


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