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UK : Dunstable Downs bootsale ( Nr. Luton) May 21st



I’ll be there with a car full of Tenma 2 channel (2 x 0-32v 3A or 5A) and 3 channel (2 x 0-32v 3A + 5v 2A) power supplies. Some working 100%, the rest with one working channel and the other dead or misbehaving.

£40 for the working ones, £25 for the partially working ones. They’re all linear analog designs using sensible easily available parts so should be no problem to repair.

Or if anybody wants the whole lot (or decent quantity of them) at a discount I’ll be driving up and down the UK for the next few weeks.

Looks like it will be a good day tomorrow, and at least three others will be there.

I was just about to pack my car, but was stopped by a swarm of bees about 5 yards away. Second this week, dammit! Still, both swarms have been collected, so interest/irritation is over.

I'll be selling and giving away stuff, prob getting there about 10. Yellow Hyundia Kona


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