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Radio Rallies in the UK are a great place to acquire parts for projects, test gear and even many radios and related items. They're also a great place to see familiar faces and chat to people about all things radio/electronics or just talk about how you've no idea how you're going to fit that boot load of gear into your house!

There's been a few this year already and more to come. So which ones this year are you planning on going to? I hope this thread can help people in the UK find a local event or even plan on meeting up with people at such events.

Oh, I created this to split away from the other which was created for Dunstable downs which we kind of jumped onto.

Flight Refuelling tomorrow, I can't make it tomorrow, but would like to one day.

Rugby is coming up, really wanted to go, but can't make it, but the one in Milton Keynes coming up I can do  :-+

Canonical list is here:

I will be at FRARS tomorrow. Possibly Rugby next Sunday. Definitely MKARS on the 28th.

After that I will probably have enough projects to see me through winter  :-DD

I will see if I can get some pictures at events I attend.

I do use that list, but it's not always up to date with postponements or cancellations.


--- Quote from: Squarewave on August 13, 2022, 11:23:28 am ---I do use that list, but it's not always up to date with postponements or cancellations.

--- End quote ---

It is the best starting point, but obviously check with the actual organisers.

Thanks for starting this thread. There's been some chatter about rallies in the TEA thread, but this thread is more likely to attract people's attention.

To grossly simplify the recent chatter there: FRARS good (unless continuous rain), Rugby good, MK and DDARC near TNMoC so the journey costs can be amortised. That implies nothing about other hamfests.

I'd like to know whether the national rally in Newark is any good, and if so which days. I'm unlikely to flog up there without a good reason.


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