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Yep, Telford is too far for me too really. Might, just might go to Andover tomorrow, still not sure yet, it's been a busy weekend so far and I'm quite tired. BBQ and too much drink already......

Anybody going to Hackgreen Hangar Sale in Cheshire tomorrow 30th?

At least we get an extra hour in bed tonight.

I went to the HackGreen hamfest today.

Small, in an MoD "farm shed", the usual traders I see were absent (probably too far for them). Not much new stuff, lots of old stuff, so relatively interesting.

I picked up three Philips ZM1050 decatron-like indicators

and an APC UPS, shown with a working front panel .

The adjacent "Secret Bunker" museum was well worth a visit. It would have been one of the regional centres of government if WW3 had started. Now it contains some interesting exhibits I haven't seen elsewhere e.g. Russian equipment, missile warheads and payloads and a WE177 400kt bomb. The WE177 and payloads were both surprisingly small, and I can see how the concept of a man-portable nuke-in-a-backpack is technically feasible.

Nice acquisition !
I didn't know you could get them with numeric-shaped electrodes, mine are all just pins.

I've only been to Hack Green once but it was a lot of fun - i stayed overnight in my tent and enjoyed a late night whisky-fueled chat. Don't know if they still do that but yeah, the site is interesting even though the rally is quite small.

Hack Green is too far for me, but because of how far away it is, I use their web SDR for testing purposes.


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