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Title: Ulitem / Asy Fan Cap Contest?
Post by: Asmyldof on May 22, 2015, 01:05:09 am

I was wondering if there's people skulking around here that would like to do a little puzzle or contest thingy to win a Fan Cap construction kit with free shipping.
The Cap was recently sent by me to Dave and was featured in the #745 Mailbag section.

It will be a "first 3 or 4 to...." kind of thing. Since I'm a freelancer, not a huge corp with mega profits a total maximum of €100,- in shipping costs seems like an acceptable limit and I don't want to exclude major parts of the world.

I haven't really figured out the puzzle part yet, since I'm an every puzzle is awesome kind of person I tend to over think them a little, so I need to be careful. My last mystery contest was for people to decode at least one of the Morse messages on a specifically programmed business card, but that was way too niche.

Anyway, willing to put the time in making a little puzzle type thing if there's people interested. Choice will be offered for a pre-punched cap, or a find your own punch tool kind of thing. The punch tools are quite ... weighty, after all.
Smashing a couple of holes into a few caps is routine for me now, with sending out demo's to local event planners and schools.