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website listing European radio amateur events and flea markets



I'm looking for a website that lists European flea markets, HAM events, etc. It is mostly about events in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. I can't find the link :( It's a comprehensive list of events that is regularly update. Can somebody point me at the website?

Neomys Sapiens:
Maybe one of those:


--- Quote from: Neomys Sapiens on May 28, 2023, 09:59:29 pm ---Maybe one of those:

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, not, but thanks for help! Those websites are helpful too.

I spent several hours looking for it, may be the website is no more.

Hello exe,
i can offer another one:

Best regards

Folks, I think I found it. It literally took me months to find it, but... here it is: .

How I found it: I googled Dutch flea markets and started visiting every single page where they are mentioned. To my surprise it didn't take long to find it.


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