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Who is being Ethical in Electronics?

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I am Priscilla and I write about Ethics in Electronics for Elektor Magazine
(also a media psychologist and a boutique manufacturer of modular synthesizers)
We are organising our second World Ethical Electronics Forum on 15 november at Electronica, Munich
and would love your input on WHO to put in a ethical people index

Please send us your suggestions
and browse through our current collection here


My writings for Elektor

Everything that I can think of that connects to the Internet seems to stop being supported after 6 to 10 years. The old device is "recycled" by being shipped to Asia or Africa to be stripped of metals and burned in the open air. Meanwhile the company has released a new version of the product that is marginally better or sometimes worse than the previous version and the cycle repeats. I can't think of anything in the Internet connected home electronics category where the manufacturer doesn't behave this way.

What is the definition of being ethical in electronics?

Even getting to 10 years isnt always a given...
but dumping it in Asia / Africa should change soon as this will no longer be allowed under the European Green Deal and incoming climate law - manufacters are already now obliged to become part of the WEEE program where you pay to have proper recycling within the EU of the amount of electronics you produce (by weight). Currently not very workable for small companies but compulsary anyway...

Know anyone doing anything else that you might judge as ethical?


--- Quote from: james_s on October 27, 2022, 12:43:12 am ---What is the definition of being ethical in electronics?

--- End quote ---

Doing something morally good? Better than most?

Some deem legal as ethical - I personally do not, at least not always..

What do you think that being ethical in electronics means?
I would think working more than is usual on sustainability, workers circumstances, new materials, repairability, or getting laws in place that force everyone in tech to behave better to name a few things.


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