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WIN an Agilent U1732B LCR Meter

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Same rules as last time:
1) Post into this thread ONCE with simply "I'm in" or some other equally unimportant text. Doesn't matter what really, you just need to post.
2) Only enter if you really want the meter, to give people a fair go. DON'T POST unless you want to enter.
3) You MUST have posted at least 5 useful posts (or maybe one REALLY good one) to the EEVblog forum to be eligible (yes, we'll check)
4) A winner will be picked at random from those who post into this thread using the EEVblog wobulator program.
5) No duplicates accounts to increase your chances, you WILL get caught.
6) No locality restrictions, the prize includes postage anywhere in the world.
7) Dave makes the rules and can break the rules at will  ;D
8) This is NOT discussion thread! Post once and once only.

The closing date is random, so get in quick!

This is the unit as shown in the teardown comparison with the C model. Other than that it's brand new, with cal cert. Currently missing the battery door, but it's in the lab somewhere, I'll find it  :-[


I'm in, first.
I hope I have posted something useful, but I'm not so sure.

I'm in.

I'm in... all the way from Canada.

I'm game:)


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