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(My) best roastbeef recipe

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A recipe I did many times for my family: Roastbeef! Pretty simple and delicious.

You need:
Roughly 1kg Roastbeef (go to your local butcher and ask for that, its worth the money), ideally pre trimmed. Otherwise trimm the fat from the outside.
3 Garlic Cloves
Some fresh Thyme and Rosemary
4 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Ts Mustard
1 Ts Honey
1 Tbs lard or any other fat that can be heated to a very high heat and has neutral flavour
Salt and Pepper, preferably pre ground

To do:
Mix herbs (not the garlic), pepper and oil and and apply generously onto the meat. Let that sit for some time, ideal is 2 hours or more.
Preheat the oven to 100C. Heat a pan over very high heat with the lard in it and scrape off as much of the herb-oil-mix from the meat as you can. DO NOT DISCARD THAT! use a spoon or whatever to scrape it into a bowl.
Sear the meat on all sides for a short time, for a 1kg piece I suggest roughly 2 minutes per side. You want to get a dark brown crust, but no black, charred pieces. You have to adjust the time to your stove and check regularely.
After you have an even crust all around it remove it from the heat and put it into an oven dish (or remove the meat and let the pan cool down a bit, if it is one you can put into the oven). We don't want to cook our meat just yet!

Now take all the drippings from the pan, the oil-herb mix and the rest of the ingredients and mix that together until you get a paste like sauce. apply that onto the meat thoroughly.
Now stick a meat thermometer into the center of the meat and put it into your preheated oven until you reached 58 to 60C.

Remove from the oven, wrap with some aluminium foil and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before cutting.
Done :) Enjoy eg. with some fried potatoes and some selfmade remoulade.


OMG...    :P

I have to say...that looks delicious and absolutely perfectly done - exactly how I like it to be. Not sure about what's on top, I prefer simple thickened juice, but no matter.

So, what kind of roast beef is it?


I can never keep the kinds straight and butcher shops where I am at are rare.

Looks really nice, I need to try this.

Thanks, I appreciate seeing that you guys like the pics :)

DrG: Well, in germany there is actually a standard cut for rostbeef. Take a look at this:

(Source: https://www.fokus-fleisch.de/warenkunde-rindfleisch-schweinefleisch )

I think it should be top sirloin in american beef disassembling techniques?

TheHolyHorse, I am looking forward to your experience, please share your outcome! :)


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