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I looked it up. Apparently, it can get close to Cayenne pepper in terms of hotness. But in general, most paprika is used for color and in fact some are supposed to add some sweetness to Hungarian dishes.

I once bit into some black pepper seeds and almost took off! It was a whole bunch of them that was in the curry. This happened back home when I went on holiday and my host warned me. I am sure he noticed the change in my face color!

There are so many varieties and I have not sampled even 1% of them I think.

BTC (bacon, tomato and cheese).

Fry the bacon and drain on paper towels. Dispose of the rendered bacon fat and use the other side of the paper towels to wipe down the pan.
Use the same pan to "grill" the bread and cheese (good quality sharp cheddar here).
Add a couple slices of tomato.

Pickled jalapeƱo works well on this. I had none (a new batch is on the way but not yet ripe). In this case, I used fresh basil and a splash of balsamic


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