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Air fryers?

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bread machines are awesome


--- Quote from: coppercone2 on May 24, 2023, 11:29:56 pm ---bread machines are awesome

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Yeah, if you have the dough for one.

if you think that a loaf of bread machine bread is boring, watch korean street food videos. I might take one of those white bread squares over a steak with some of them.


--- Quote from: Kjelt on May 24, 2023, 10:51:47 am ---If you use the right products (air fryer ready) they have a little bit more oil on the exterior which during the frying does it work and excessive will drop to the lower basket.
So in the end the difference is not that great but yes there is a difference but it is healthier (less fat), depending on the product.

--- End quote ---
Not just oil, the fries generally have some kind of coating to crisp up too.

Even in normal ovens good oven fries and breaded products are vastly superior to a couple decades ago.  Texturally any way, if you're scared of E numbers you might disagree.

We used to use air fryers from >20 years ago, they look like this:

They work well for reheating stuff. For cooking too, tho it is a fair bit of cleanup afterwards. We tend to just use a regular oven these days.


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