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foodease (with trolls and hilarity)
« on: November 26, 2023, 10:50:51 pm »

It looks kind of interesting. Id say low utility. But on youtube it looks like a shooting range in the comments section. Peoples confidence in foodease is very low. And there might be deceptive marketing involved.

What do you think?

Personally I got the scale for my kitchenaid stand mixer, and I think its good but the cleaning time is high. However, since it sifts the flour, I think its worth it. But cleaning the measuring cups is faster if you don't sift or weigh. But regardless I like built in scales. This don't got one.

The lack of draining means starchy pasta, or pasta cooked in sauce, etc. Different style, don't know how that works out.

The auto addition of food is the main feature, I think thats cool. It does lead to higher quality food if you stagger the addition of the ingredients. The mixing is also cool. Less steam exposure.

A real utility might be if it could actually make a sauce or gravy. Like if you add flour, shallots, garlic, mushroom, butter. Properly timed shallot / garlic + roux is something that it looks like that machine can do to make a higher quality gravy. I can't say its not obnoxious to make sauce when you are BBQing. The BBQ part is time intensive as it is, you probobly won't be making the sauce while you are grilling. Usually you throw that together when the grill is done and the meat is resting. Still kind of annoying to have to use the frying pan after using the BBQ. could this machine solve that problem? And also for making marinades that requires cooked ingredients.

And it sounds like you could theoretically just deglaze a pan with wine, vinegar, water, whatever when you are searing and add the deglaze liquid to the machine when its completed and have it stir a bit more.

The possible gravy/sauce capability of the machine makes me want it because the volume is low, timing requirement is high, and it needs constant attention.

It might also be a useful cranberry sauce cooker, if you just put tons of cranberry into it and have it stir it once in a while.

For a pasta or completed meal though... IDK >:( . I think at best its a sauce maker. Which might make it good enough.

it still seems less ridiculous then buying a molex crimp tool.
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