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Well, I never imagined I'd be posting here!!  There is a huge trend in the UK right now, for air fryers!!  Do any of you guys use one and any recommendations?

Stray Electron:
  I think the same question was asked here a few months ago.  You might want to check the archives.

  My wife and all of my sisters all have Instant Pot air fryers and they all LOVE them. Most of them now own at least two of them.  They're very good for cooking things like hash browns and they reheat left over hash browns hands down better than anything else that we've ever used.

I went off the band wagon almost a yr ago and got one.  So I am 6-9 months of limited use. 

Short answer, best for per-cooked food.  While raw foods cook out very tender, tend to be messy.  I tried steaks, pork, chicken, fish.
It will warm up those dishes very well.

It's best use is for breaded precooked food, french fry's or other batter coated food. 
Makes baked potato's very well.  I think it will cook veggies very well and most likely other food.

Great option when you just need something quick and easy, anything by Ninja is great.

We have a Ninja and it is great for fish, fries and stuff.
It is the dual drawer model. They are controlled independently (great for fish and chips).
Stopped using the regular (oil) fryer all together now.
Would recommend.


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