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I noticed that on food health websites, the alternative snack foods based on things like lentils have a much higher rating for food quality.

For instance:


I don't have the trader joes brand, but I bought lentil+ onion rings today, and I gotta say the taste is very similar, and it seems like a worth while switch to make.

I noticed there are alot of options (while non are probobly very healthy) that seem to be a good alternative to corn/potato chips. I feel like if you really wanna enjoy these snacks, along with the dip, making any kind of substitutions is probobly a good idea. I feel like over the years it would make a difference, if you are willing to pay. Like those ways onion rings with cheese wiz vs those lentil rings with cheese whiz, its a solid F instead of a hole in the paper I think.

But some of these alternative options are not necessarily better, like you can make a good argument that the potato chip is superior to a pita chip, because its actually a vegetable, if salt is moderated (if they are cooked with the same process). baked v baked or fried v fried.

tldr: healthier superbowl

I got some lentil puffs/crisps once, quite tasty.  A bit pricey, which is kind of the problem of course; potatoes or corn, and soybean or canola or corn oil, are just so cheap.  Have also had curry flavor something or other which were nice, check an Asian grocery I suspect?


I got some kind of crispy beets to try out.

They also have those vegetable puffs (which are not as healthy as you would think however) that are pretty good.

I also noticed if I eat like.. alot of cheetos or something, its very easy to get a stomach ache later. The alternative products do not produce the same effects in similar quantity. I am pretty sure after many years that if you decide to have a bag of chips for dinner at 1am, the 'health product' alternatives = less heart burn, stomach ache, etc... could also have to do with manufacturers being more mindful about salt content or additives like dye.

Fruit chips (banana) are delicious but quite caloric, plantain chips are actually similar to potato chips in flavor. I would bet though that banana chips might have more nutritional value then potato chips (vitamins, minerals, etc).

Same with the popcorn chips, while generally unhealthy I think they provide more energy and less of a heavy feeling if you consume too many as a meal compared to potato chips. Like I notice more and more that consuming more then what used to be a 25 cent bag of typical chips (i.e. lays) leads to digestive upsets. Those are more like rice cakes.

You could make your own using potato, sweet potato or other similar vegetables:


Add any spices you like such as paprika, chilli, cumin, or even dried herbs.

the sour cream and onion lentil rings are better then the BBQ ones. I don't like BBQ chips in general but if you had to try one get the sour cream and onion because that deep tang and stuff you get from BBQ chips is not as present. I think they just don't season them as heavily


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