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best fried breads?

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I just tried a noni bread that was fried in butter after being frozen for a long time with eggs in the middle to make a fake scrambled egg omlete and its so good, I almost want to just pour maple syrup on the pan fried noni breads

what are the best breads for oil and butter (they will be different I think)? I..e french toast, garlic bread, etc...

However even without a recipie just chucking some bread into a pan with some butter can unfuck a grangly morning

I almost feel like the butter fried noni is a desert, for some reason the whole thing tasted kinda sweet for some reason, even when eaten with tobasco, tomato and sour cream

Stray Electron:
  Noni bread?  I never heard of it so I had to go look it up. It's real!  I thought that you probably meant Naan bread but I suppose not. Now I just have to find a place where I can try Noni bread.


actually I don't know, i think I get both of those sometimes , so I don't remember what the hell I froze ages ago, i think they are similar and I think I had both types before, sadly I ate the last one, pitures on google look suspiciously alike depending on how they are made

Stray Electron:
  I'm lucky in that there are two decent Indian food restaurants near me so I can get Indian anytime that I want it. One of my best friends is Indian so he warns me what not to attempt to eat.  Indians eat Naan with everything, in fact it's what they use in place of a fork or a spoon. They scoop up everything with a piece of Naan bread.

  Have you ever tried Indian eggs? My friend makes it all of the time and I love the flavor but WOW!, the chiles!

Actually not very familiar with it, its very strong, but I do like using those breads for sandwiches, similar to pita breads


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