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best potato for making a baked potato? (traditional whole baked)

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Only free range potatoes make the best baked potatoes as demonstrated in this video:

how do you restore the taste of a baked potato after a day in the fridge?

I feel that when reheated it develops a slightly bitter taste. Is there any specific tricks like a certain temperature to make it taste better? And to make it more fluffy?

You c an fry it of course, but is there any other solutions? When day+ old baked potato is fried it makes excellent fries BTW. I think they lose a bit more moisture and something happens to them that makes it crisp/brown super fast into excellent fry disks.

tried a russet potato, 1 hour 400F (martha stewart). Excellent

The skin on that one is kinda crispy and almost bitter and its good. If you have some kinda stomach issues and you still wanna eat potatoes I recommend the yellow potato because the skin is hardly there. The russet potato is pretty well armored after baking.

Not sure if I always wanna eat that tough skin of the russet potato, so the yellow potato maintains its place. I.e. if you have a grilled meat or something not sure if you need the tough russet skin to go with that one. Not sure I agree its the optimum steak potato.

But for stand alone potato I think the russet is better, as a meal, not a component of one. I would avoid the crispy toppings with the russet potato, there is no need for bacon, fried onions, etc... when the skin is that crispy. The yellow baked potato I can see as a side dish but the russet really IMO also demands some cream too, again because the skin is tough. Not sure I would go beyond leafy greens as a side for a russet baked potato.


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