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best potato for making a baked potato? (traditional whole baked)

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What is the best baked potato?

I had 'yellow potatoes' available. I believe it might be a yukon gold or similar

I tried this martha stewart recpie

They were in the oven for a while longer then the 1.5 hours, but yeah it came out pretty delicious when you put a slice of butter, spring onion, bacon, cream, salt, pepper on it.

the russet is supposedly the best, but I am impressed by this simple tuber.

I did not put holes in mine. If you look at the comments you see what can happen when you put holes in it.

And yes, you just use the rack, no trays or nothing. it works

I prefer to use sweet potato though, like the taste better, and use the red or yellow ones, as i find they taste the same, just that the spice mix is important. Sometimes just a bit of cinnamon on the opened potato, other times a nice helping of biltong mix, which is basically coriander, salt and acetic acid, normally used to cure meat, but which is a great spice on it's own.

For those who want to look...

spice you mean marinade or is there some way that you crystalize the acid

Dry mix, which is applied as a garnish. The acid is a crystal in the blend, like the salt is, and it does come with an anti caking agent added, which helps slightly in humid weather.

The real life hack is making microwaved "baked" potatoes.  Like 7-8 minutes or so? Way faster than with an oven. If you want a crisped up skin, you can try microwaving partially first, then finish it off in the oven. Will still be far faster. I usually poke a few holes before I throw it in the microwave, but not convinced it makes a difference one way or another. Especially good with sweet potatoes.


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