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My partner is making millionaires thingy, and just finished the shortbread. So, naturally, I asked her what longbread was but she was unable to say. Anyone know?

The Short bit of Shortbread is all about the dough type and the ingredients. Shortening generally refers to the fat content Generally we tend to use Unsalted butter over Lard or other types of fats for Shortbread but I guess they will work and likely are in commercial products for cost savings.

I think it can be argued that shortbread is "short" because it has a soft, crumbly texture, like the similarly named shortcrust pastry.

"Long" bread, on the other hand, is traditional bread with a more chewy and less crumbly texture. So "longbread" is just bread.

There is really no such thing as longbread. What gives 'Shortbread' the crumbly texture is the 'shortening'. Shortcrust Pastry is similarly made with shortening giving it that texture.



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