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Brussels Sprouts and Onion



About 16 oz. of Brussels sprouts – washed and trim the stalk.

One large onion. Vidalia or other sweet white onion variety (no strong yellow onion varieties). Pearl onions work.

Saute (uncovered) quartered onion and Brussels sprouts with olive oil until the onion pieces become glassy. Add salt and black pepper. I like to add a few splashes of hot oil (see )

Add ~ ½ cup water, reduce heat and cover.

When water is nearly gone (taste for consistency and add S & P if needed) liberally sprinkle dill weed over all (not dill seed, dill weed).

Some like to add a splash of balsamic vinegar in the bowl.

Man that looks delicious!  :-+

Oh, this looks amazing! I normally fry my brussels with a rich fat base (like bacon, sausage &c.) but I can imagine onion makes it massively sweet!


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