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I made this on the weekend and it was probably one of the best butter chicken recipes I've ever tasted. It was amazing (and even better the next day).

I just served it with some rice. The only change was that I substituted the poblano chilli with half of a regular green chilli. Everything else I was able to find in the supermarket. With the spices, I also prefer to grind my own as needed, rather than buying pre-ground, but that's a matter for yourself.

I can't recommend this recipe enough!

I also want to try this someday. I never ate butter chicken. It's very popular in my neighbour country. I am quite sure it takes good.

Chicken and rice go together like bread and butter.  Two of my favorites are chicken cacciatore w/ white rice and yellow (saffron) rice and chicken (or chicken livers).  Will need to try your butter chicken.

That chicken looks killer.  I've always like butter chicken without too much sauce.  I didn't realize the chicken was cooked separately.  I think I'll make it, sans sauce, to put on a salad.

Oh! I'd like to try it someday.


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