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Butter Chicken



I made this on the weekend and it was probably one of the best butter chicken recipes I've ever tasted. It was amazing (and even better the next day).

I just served it with some rice. The only change was that I substituted the poblano chilli with half of a regular green chilli. Everything else I was able to find in the supermarket. With the spices, I also prefer to grind my own as needed, rather than buying pre-ground, but that's a matter for yourself.

I can't recommend this recipe enough!

I also want to try this someday. I never ate butter chicken. It's very popular in my neighbour country. I am quite sure it takes good.

Chicken and rice go together like bread and butter.  Two of my favorites are chicken cacciatore w/ white rice and yellow (saffron) rice and chicken (or chicken livers).  Will need to try your butter chicken.


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