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Chocolate Fudge or Dense Rich Puddings


Show us you recipes. Self Saucing Puddings alternate fudge ones everything besides Gateau's and risen Chocolate Cakes which deserve a different thread.

These two below were Cafe Staples for me and I haven't made them in a while but it is Mum's Birthday so I ran up a batch of the dark one for us.

Really simple one bowl prep either use hot water in a sink or low power microwave to melt the butter (not blended crap!) and cream the sugar and Cocoa (only good quality not mass marketed rubbish) into it until it looks smooth and glossy and well mixed. With the White just a bit more care needed in a microwave but that works well too if you add a few Watts then stir (30% power).

Add the two eggs and beat in well until it again looks glossy and homogenous then add the sifted flour. As there is so little flour in it we made these as Gluten free which works great too.

8" Square lined tray to cook it in too.

Both Recipes bake for around 30 minutes at 140-150C test with a skewer when it just comes out clean you are done for peak Fudgeness. Cool well before cutting from the fridge bring it back to room Temperature and eat sparingly  >:D

145g Butter
250g Raw Sugar
65g Cocoa
Two Eggs
1/2 Cup plain flour

115g Butter
115g Caster Sugar
180g of Nestle Plaistowe White Chocolate (made from actual Cocoa not sugared crap!)
Two Eggs
1/2 Cup plain flour

Dust with a little icing sugar, warm for 20-30 seconds in a microwave with a dob of cream or ice-cream and watch the belly grow.


Ooohh definitely giving these a go!


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