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Latte Artless in the rubble pile that is my bench ::)

FYI, for drip coffee, there is a certification:

I have not looked into it deeply, but it purports to certify whether a drip coffee maker is using the proper temperature.

Drip gets a bad rap, but it could be because there are so many poorly regulated machines. I would hate for a concept to be held down by its worst implementations.

That being said,
I personally use a Breville BES870XL and make fine espresso. I have the beans roasted and shipped to-order (Peets and Crigler Coffee), so its always freshly roasted. I also change out my gaskets regularly and monitor the pressure on the pour as it goes. Its like riding a racing motorcycle, every time you ride, you tweak it a bit. I think the solenoids are starting to go, however, so I might have to open her up finally and replace them.

PS: Crigler Coffee, although only available in the USA, is very fine coffee.

Drip also got a bad wrap from being made with stale preground coffee that was then left to stew on hotplates for hours after before being served :P Great drip coffee can be made well outside the SCA spec but it is a good ball park to start with.

Todays slumming in the shack and there is cookies  ;D

Now sweating in the shack 27 degrees so time to change out the brew a little. Clearly good for you as the label says 'wholesome'  :-DD

Drop the double shot over the Ice-cream for a bit of a sweetness boost from the meltage.


--- Quote from: beanflying on November 18, 2021, 04:01:45 am ---...Drop the double shot over the Ice-cream for a bit of a sweetness boost from the meltage. ...

--- End quote ---

Reminds me of a time when I used to throw two shots of espresso over some good french vanilla ice cream, add milk and a big spoon of Mrs Richardson's butterscotch/carmel topping and shake it up. Soooo good. I then thought that adding chocolate would make it better.. but NO. Espresso, good ice cream, Mrs Richardson's butterscoth and milk. Yum.


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