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Regarding coffee:

This does all sound a bit like "audiophile" levels of enthusiasm! ;D

The first espresso coffee I ever tried was in the late 1950s at a shop in what they now call "Northbridge" in Perth, WA.

It was a Cappuccino, made with a huge machine manufactured by Gaggia in Italy.

Interestingly, their version did not top the coffee with cocoa powder, but with cinnamon sugar, & was delicious!
Mentioning this to others, usually resulted in a "you're dreaming" reaction, but when I had a coffee machine, that's how I made it.

After a while, though, I thought, maybe I had "false memories", but in the early 2000s, we ordered cappuccino in Bali, & on arrival, they were topped with cinnamon sugar, so I was vindicated, at least as far as knowing it was a real option.

A bit further "off topic", that original shop had Cassatas made on the premises, which were the best I ever tasted!
The funny thing, even the factory made ones have disappeared from the market!

If you aren't worried about your weight, (& at 13, I didn't "give a stuff") a good quality Cassata is the perfect accompaniment to a really good coffee! ;D ;D

Finnish coffee culture: quantity over quality. I like that.


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