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cold vs room temperature fruit in ice cream


So if you enjoy putting fruit in ice cream, say blue berries, does anyone find that if the blue berries are chilled, it tastes better in cold ice cream, rather then room temperature fruit added to ice cream right before serving?

I don't think its a issue with melting, I just think that it tastes better chilled, even though usually I think cold fruit is not as good as room temperature fruit

I find lots of things are better (either in taste or texture or both) chilled. Cucumber, tomatoes, cake, tarts, water, ...

Actually, I think I prefer either chilled or piping hot. Pretty easy to figure which food applies to which, though there can be some surprises ;). Room temperature is for stuff like biscuits and crisps. Yuk.

butter is room temperature food

It's better warm on toast  >:D

I have never tryed cold fuits with ice cream.  It is nice to have contrast also in the temperature and we often eat ice cream with hot fruits / fruit-source (e.g. cherries, raspberries or backberries).
Frozen fruits are kind of an alternative to ice cream.


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