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Cooking rice (rice to water ratio by weight)

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--- Quote from: IanB on May 24, 2023, 03:25:56 pm ---There is no reason in chemistry why this should be, so perhaps the reason might be in physics? For example, some water maybe lost as steam from the pot by evaporation, and that amount may not be proportional to the amount of rice in the pot?

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The chemistry of rice cooking must be quite interesting. If you let a good fuzzy logic rice cooker run its normal program with good quality rice you get very tasty result. If you run the fast program most cookers have, you get rice in about 1/2 to 2/3 of the time, but it can be pretty tasteless. The texture is usually fine, but its tasteless. I don't know what they do to speed up cooking, or why this gives a tasteless result, but I do wonder.


--- Quote ---Indeed the most simple type of rice cooker uses evaporation and accompanying temperature rise as a timer.
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Perhaps related, I have an egg cooker where you load it up with eggs, spill some water into the tray and leave it to do the biz. The amount of water determines whether the eggs are soft or hard boiled. Seems pretty simple, but you put less water in for more eggs where I'd expect to put more water in. It's non-intuitive to me, and perhaps the business with double the rice with less than double the water is similar.

It would be interesting if we could put thermocouples and take some measurements.  After all, this IS electronics forum....


--- Quote from: gamalot on May 07, 2023, 02:20:47 pm ---Let the water surface be 5-7 mm higher than that of rice, depending on your hope that it is hard or soft. I have decades of experience in cooking rice.

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Does that work when there's 1cm of rice in the pan and when there's 5cm of rice in the pan?

Nope. Basic math says it has to be proportional.

I didn't even know what normal rice is for decades, nearly all supermarket rice here is 8 min ready rice (not parboiled, the process is way more involved). It only absorbs a limited amount of water through the preprocessing so just drowning it doesn't really matter.


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