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stainless dishwasher knives that started to rust


If you have knives that you put through the dishwasher way too many times and they start to rust immediately after you remove the rust and dishwasher them again, there is a solution. I started hearing alot about bad stainless steel and stuff but I thought what the hell is going on, they used to be fine.

So I made a 25% citric acid solution in a pot made with filtered water, scrubbed the knives clean with a scotch brite and barkeepers friend, then I rinsed them good with hot water and poured the hot citric acid water (like 50 degree C) into a ceramic rectangle bread pan after stacking the knives in there so they occupy the least area. After a 0.5 hour soak the water turned a little bit iron color, so I took the knives out and rinsed them good with hot water.

On the next dishwasher cycle I only had very minor corrosion stains. I think with a longer soak and some temperature control (oven set to low) you can re-passivate them very nicely. It was good enough for me. Throwing them into the dishwasher with a bunch of citric acid powder might work too and also clean your dishwasher, but I am not sure.

I have never had that problem in 59 years of using an automatic dishwasher.  Do you wash them blade down, not handle down (unless solid SS)?

yeah I have been washing them in the side tray for 10 years or so and they really fucked off on me recently. Blade down. Its too much work to do anything else IMO because its extreme drudgery, loathe the dishwasher even though they are amazing.

special dishwasher guidelines for cuttlery other then putting long things on top is IMO good if you have a maid but its not realistic for me.


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