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Does anyone own an air fryer? (reheating option)

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Does anyone own an air fryer?  If so, does it tend to dry out food when reheating?

The reason I ask this....  Let's say I have some frozen or cooled down tater tots, fried shrimp, etc.  If I use a microwave oven to reheat these, they get soggy and rubbery.  If I use a toaster oven, it tends to dry it out and edges get burned.  What about an air fryer?  Does it keep foods at proper moisture content and texture? 


I have never used our air fryer to reheat food, but I suspect the results would be similar to your toaster oven.
If you were to cover the food with foil the results would be improved, but reheating would likely take longer.

All foods lose moisture through reheating, whether it's via a convection oven, microwave, air fryer, toaster, leaving it on the countertop etc...

Depending on the dish, you could reheat in a microwave in an mostly sealed container to help keep most of the moisture in or using a steam oven to replace moisture that is lost.

Temperature and time are also a factor. People tend to want food quickly, so they blast it in the microwave for a few minutes at full power as opposed to a longer time at significantly lower power levels. Have you tried some of the automatic functions that are built into your microwave? Some of them are actually quite good and are designed specifically for your purpose.

An airfryer is basically a small forced air oven.

You can get ovens with steam to prevent drying the food. The new kitchen at my parents got one and it work amazing for reheating food.
It's expensive though.

I have one, it's great addition to the kitchen. Tefal actify. I used it to heat up chicken, not the food that you describe, it worked great. Plus, you can just put the parts into the dishwasher, it saves a lot of time and oil.
But TBH you shouldn't freeze fried food, frying should be the last step before serving.


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