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easy pasta sauce?

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I made this

I used half fromager and half feta and some medium tomatos cut into 24ths because I had too little cherry tomatoes. I thought it would suck but its damn good. The fromager got crispy on top and it actually ended up being the right addition. I also used red onion instead of shallot and put some sage leaf in there.

one of the few good things that came from tik tok. extremely delicious

only thing is the tomato got a little unapetizing looking after its cooled down because it turned pink. I even used the dark tomatoes. When its hot it smells good and yo don't notice how it looks so much but when it cooled off on the counter for a few hours I thought that it looked a little bland.

Maybe I recommend adding a bit of fresh tomato after cooking to maintain the color. And I did not have fresh herbs to put in it after cooking either so thats part of the problem.

I make a fair amount of pasta sauce, and I always use canned tomatoes to avoid needing to blanch and peel them. My usual recipe is a vodka cream sauce, and it takes maybe 30 minutes to make. If I start boiling water for pasta at the same time I begin prep it works out well. Anyways, my general observation with sauces red that contain dairy is that they appear lighter when they are cold. I really recommend trying vodka sauce because it is easy, tastes good, and there is fire involved (optional). Here's my recipe, but I don't really measure things for sauces because I zero in on amounts by tasting it.

Mince a couple shallots, a small white onion, and four or so cloves of garlic. Begin heating tomatoes (1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes, 1 28 oz can puree tomatoes) in a pot. Brown the shallots and onion in a pan with olive oil on medium high heat, stirring infrequently. Add about 2/3 of the garlic after a few minutes and some red pepper flakes. Add the remainder of the garlic to the tomatoes. Get heavy cream out of the refrigerator (you will want it close at hand). When the shallots, etc. are adequately browned, add about 2/3 cup of vodka and toss, which will light it on fire. Reduce heat to low, and extinguish the fire with heavy cream. Add chopped oregano and thyme to the cream/shallot mixture and simmer for a few minutes, then add to the tomatoes sauce. Stir in grated pecorino, and a tablespoon or two of lemon juice. If you are tossing pasta with the sauce (the texture works well with rigatoni or gnocchi), you can add some cubed smoked mozzarella at the end and top with basil chiffonade.

I'll get thrown out for this one, but for pure "I need fuel" I do something like:

Boil dried pasta.
Dump tin of either creme soup of choice or a bit more expensive some canned chicken and white sauce.  Actually recently tried tinned stewing steak on pasta, it was epic.
For 1 of your 5 a day you can throw in a handful of peas or sweet corn.
Optionally serve with cheese... or bacon.

I call it "Student food".  I'm 49 and I still have evenings where this is my staple.

Wallace Gasiewicz:
We make our own Pesto Sauce.  Grow basil in planters and just put in a blender with garlic and olive oil and walnuts.   
I know you are supposed to use pine nuts but these get rancid if they are not really fresh.   
We freeze it in appropriate quantities for two people.   
You can add butter when you are warming it up,


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