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Egg, chips and beans (kind of)

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Thanks! I'll give it a whirl. Or several.

@    themadhippy

Those chips look horrible .
To make a good chip they first have to be deep fried @ 160C for about 4 or 5 minuets 
Don't let them change colour .
Remove chips from fryer and cover with kitchen paper to keep them warm  .
Turn the deep fryer Temperature to MAX 190C 
Then return the chips back to Fryer until golden brown .
place on kitchen paper in an open bowl  salt to taste  and or vinegar as per taste   . Eat ..  :-+
They will have that Crunchy outside with a soft inside 
 ( optional extra serve in  Paper like the olden days )

  Not as your ones Pail & soggy  :--

Place Holder and memory prompt for me to look up my old Cafe Recipe for Beans and downsize it to a domestic quantity. This sort of dish or one with baked Eggs on top of a similar Bean mix is a staple Melbourne/Victorian Cafe (I am sure all around the world too) dish and I have tried a bunch over the years. This is not baked beans on toast with chips :-DD

In the pot is the presoaked from dried assorted Beans, Tomatoes, Onion, Paprika and a bunch of other bits, depending on the season Parsley or Sweet Basil in their too. Typically 3-4kg of dried beans a few kg of Peppers and 10kg of Tomatoes. Do a search for Spicy Beans will also get you some clues for a mix while I fish out the book.

For service the shot below is a bit different as it was my dinner not a typical breakfast size we served but it came on a couple of slabs of my Bread, two Poached Eggs and Mushrooms for the Vegos or Chorizo for the meat eaters or Bacon because well BACON or a combination of any of them.

** Want to know how to poach an egg. Buy only FRESH ones you know when they popped out, deep Pot 10-12 cm of water and 'place' the egg at the surface gently with a gentle swirl going and its easy.


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