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Egg, chips and beans (kind of)

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This recipe was prompted by DrG's minimal beans and tomatoes dish a while back. Things kind of got carried away, though... It's pretty simple to make, hard to get wrong and, apart from the simmering time, quick and easy to prep/cook.


300g beans
Trim and chop to halves or thirds - you can leave them long if you want but everyone I tried this on preferred them short. 300g is a rough measure - that's the size of the bag at the local supermarket, but I've also used 2x250g and no-one complained!

3x 400ml Chopped tomatoes + garlic
Use tinned or whatever you can get or prefer. Use of don't use garlic - I think it improves matters, but your choice. You can throw actual garlic in with the onions if you want; our local shop just happens to have tomatoes with garlic already mixed, and I'm lazy. If you use straight canned tomatoes you might want to add a teaspoon of sugar to take the edge off.

2 onions, medium to large
Oh, go on, make them large. There's a lot of beans, a lot of tomatoes, you need a lot of these too. Simples.
Chop, dice, slice as you prefer.

Eggs, 1 per serving
We usually go with two eggs (one each) and the rest of the beans lasts a couple or three days. For more mouths just add more eggs.

Baked potatoes, 1 per serving
Essentially something to put the beans on, and soak up the juice. We like 'em (recipe is elsewhere in this section) but feel free to use sourdough or whatever takes your fancy.

Cheese to taste
A nice mature cheddar, grated, adds something. Mozzarella is fine if strings is the preference - I just find it a bit tasteless.

Salt and pepper to taste. You're probably looking at a bit over a teaspoon of salt for this one.


Good glug of oil in a large frying pan.

Fry the onions until translucent. If you're adding real garlic you want to have added it just before this point.

Throw in the beans and stir, then add tomatoes.

Bring to a bubble then turn down and simmer with the lid on.


[edit: forgot the tomatoes]


Leave for an hour. Yep, that is 60 minutes. Actually, you might want to let them be for 75 minutes or so - I usually get these going at the same time the potatoes go in the oven. These are not going to be crunchy!

A couple of minutes before serving break in the eggs and - important! - put the lid back on. Sprinkle some cheese around just for the hell of it.

They are ready when the white is actually white and the yolk is not so anaemic-looking. Ideally the yolks will be just runny, but bear in mind that these will still cook a bit after serving (if not scarfed before they hit the plate), so a bit runny is better than almost solid.

Half a potato and dish it fluffy side up. Balance egg on top. Or just plonk the lot in a bowl and sprinkle cheese over. (BTW, the hair in the second photo is actually cheese stringing. Not fake photoshopping here!)

hope you dont own a restaurant /cafe cause i'd be very disappointed if you served that up,when i order egg chips and beans i want

Yeah, kind of a play on words, and taking the piss out of the 'blah reinvented' thing. You might also notice there ain't no tomatoes in egg, chips and beans, so I'd have those back off your plate when you complained :)


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