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EVEBOT Coffee Printer


Yep... a printer that prints images onto your coffee foam.


I'm sure you can only buy "ink" refills from the original manufacturer until users figure out how to inject food coloring into the carts.  :-DD

I always think "no things can't get any weirder than this" and then something new like this coffee printer comes up.  :o

One application for it. Print the front page of the morning paper on your coffee. Can you get informed while you drink your coffee :-DD

Who buys something like this?


--- Quote from: pcprogrammer on November 04, 2022, 07:09:58 am ---Who buys something like this?

--- End quote ---

I can see it having some kind of utility in some wanky, over-priced coffee shop or pub (apparently it can print on beers and similar beverages too).

I think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly though.

So is this a cousin of the bot in the IRC channel, or something?  :P


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