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fast baked mayo chicken
« on: February 20, 2021, 02:02:59 am »
One of my favorite recipes with chicken uses chicken breasts.

1) cut chicken breast in half
2) season with salt and pepper
3) oil a good cooking tray (non stick non worn out) with canola oil
4) place chicken down on cooking tray or on a plate
5) smear with mayonnaise
6) pour a good amount of bread crumbs on it, planko is much preffered
7) place the chicken upside down so it is resting on bread crumbs, a careful operation
8) put mayonnaise and bread crumbs on the other side of the chicken breast, gently pat it down
9) try to get rid of excess amounts of bread crumbs, the thing is delicate so you only need to crumb it while its on the baking sheet that it will cook on, I usually just let them burn, you need alot, so its hard to put them on the chicken without spilling over. It should be like asphalt w/excess gravel.
10) bake at 350 until the crumbs are well toasted
11) serve with ketchup and french fries. You need to let it cool for a little bit, be fast with a good sharp implement to remove it from the baking pan with minimum scraping in one piece and usually cut it on the plate you are going to eat from, its not very sturdy.

This actually works, you need to use a food thermometer if you are not confident, but it is something you can do that will only dirty the baking sheet and the cutting board without need of more plates and stuff to deal with eggs. The secret is to get a good spoon so you can dollop the chicken breasts with mayonnaise then spread it with a another spoon as not to contaminate the jar it came from. It has a slightly bigger propensity to stick if you perform the first side on the oiled cooking tray since it was in contact with raw meat but the point of this recipe is ease.

This is not as good as trying to make a real cotlet but it works pretty good and its easy. It goes down extremely well with french fries that are crispy. You can over bake the chicken and it will be alright because its otherwise greasy.

I like to cut the chicken breast in half in the plastic tray it comes in and put it directly on an oiled baking sheet to reduce cleanup. I typically soak the sheets after wards, they do take a bit of damage I think, from the breadcrumbs, but IMO its worth it. The bottom piece does not come off really perfect but once you get the temp and time right it works.
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