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--- Quote from: coppercone2 on July 29, 2021, 08:10:07 pm ---mortar and pestle aoli is a great use of garlic, simply crush garlic in a mortar and pestle with some olive oil and salt until it looks like mayonaise. its decent on firm tomato slices

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In case someone is interested in making traditional alioli (without egg) as coppercone2 suggested, a Spanish YouTuber made a video of the process:

I have to say that I tried to make it once and failed to get that texture, probably because I didn’t use enough garlic

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I *just* know enough Spanish to follow that, and also get the joke about vampires ;)

Looks fantastic, I'll have to try that with some of the garlic I have from the allotment, even if it does take half an hour of pounding with the pestle.

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It’s quite strong hahaha, but it’s a great sauce for arroz negro. I also like to put it in bread

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I might make some up, then mix it into some home made mayonnaise


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