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Ginger bean sauce


I plodded into a nice recipe last week, putting it here partly so as not to forget it.
The key ingredients are fresh ginger, and orange oil.

Canned beans (can put the contents directly into a saucepan, or drain them partially)
The following quantities are per can of beans.
Half of a ginger "knuckle", finely chopped
1-2 drops (0.25 mL) orange oil (you could substitute orange zest, but I'm unsure of the amount. Several oranges' worth)
5 mL coriander powder
5 mL ground chili (Ancho, or paprika)
5 mL turmeric powder
5 mL cumin powder
5 mL Umeboshi vinegar (pickled plum juice)
0.5 mL fenugreek powder (Methi)
0.5 mL lemongrass powder (Serehpoeder)
2 mL tamarind paste
(I like complex flavors, so I added more things! A dash of "orange spice sauce" and a pinch of Bell's turkey seasoning, but you don't need them)

Stir in a saucepan over low heat. Barely simmer for 1/2 hour for flavors to meld. Serve with beef stew, meat casserole, or eggs.

This is about 100 times better than what is known as "Boston baked beans", flavored primarily with molasses.

Since this is an international forum, I have converted to SI units. I use customary units in the kitchen, of course.


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