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good cheese? good cheese practice?

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In USA no cheese its horrible.

When traveling:

In Switzerland: Aged Gruyer (Surchoix)

In France: Roquefort (blue )

In USA the equiv cheeses  (eg Trader Joes) are crazy expensive and old/not genuine. 


 fresh French bread or a whole grain from a bakery.
lightly toast
Spread with cheese,

With gruyer perhaps a bit of Dijon mustard


my last 3 cheeses, bought the other day


were a Comte, a Red Leicester, and Double Gloucester with chives - one slice was put on sourdough last night


Wisconsin cheese makers produce very nice cheeses  , some can compete with french chesse , the problem is they are mainly available in Wisconsin only. Same in UK where there is very good local cheeses .

The problem is France is now most cheese are industrial cheese and not real county made cheese by the traditional way , a perfect exemple is the camenbert .. not cheese sale in France have just the name of camenber and are far to be a traditional camenber , Chaource is now mainly an industrial product they are are only two real Chaource real makers in France .

That the same problem with Mimolette / Boule de Lille most are industrial orange cheese with ??? taste


My primary use for cheese in cooking is italian cuisine, where Pargiggiano (I like that better that Pecorino) is added to the sauce to give it a certain creamyness as in pasta Alfredo or cacio e pepe (the original roman version of the more popular mac'n'cheese in the US). Here you also have to care which quality you buy, and how to grate it. I really like graters like the Microplane ones, that do deliver some very fine slices of it, that nearly immediately dissolves into hot sauces based on pasta water with starch.

the brie like cheese that starts with a F (fromager or something) is very good, I think I decided its better then brie now.

I got a microplane last year also, it is excellent for parm. The only problem was when you make a pot of pasta you are always washing the microplane, so if you have more then 1 person that will eat from a pot regularly till its gone, get a few microplanes. I like it freshly grated.

clean microplane + pasta = fresh cut
dirty microplane + pasta = use the grated stuff in a can

I mean, if you are actually excited about doing something and delayed eating by 4 hours.


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